Small Business Strategies that Work

Owning a small business is one of the best decisions an individual can make. Yet, it is also one of the most challenging endeavors you may have embarked upon.  The rewards are great. You have the freedom to be your own boss, create your own schedule, and create your own wealth. 

But, how do you learn all of the in's and out's to become a successful business owner?  Is it constant reading, networking, trial and error, or what?  Truth is, it is a combination of all that AND connecting with a seasoned Accountability Partner such as myself!  

With over 35 years of business experience, I'd love the opportunity to help you grow.  Here are just a few ways Goodbooks LLC can help you with business strategies that work:

Administrative Excellence

These strategies help your business grow with a flow!  There's nothing worse than having new customers but lacking strategies to keep track of moving those customers throughout the sales cycle efficiently.  Do you have the right forms in place?  Are you struggling with processes?  Do you sometimes have to ask a client for the same information twice or forget to share pertinent information that sometimes breaks the deal?  If so, let's talk!  Sometimes it is a simple tweak that my diversified business experience can help you overcome.

Operational Growth

Perhaps you run your business with the utmost of Administrative Excellence, yet your sales are stagnant or you are spending far more than expected.  Solving this problem requires a deep dive into your overall business model.  We'll discuss what's working and what's not.  Perhaps a fresh set of eyes can provide you with insight and new ideas that can help your business grow.  After all, businesses must be dynamic to maintain customer satisfaction and relevance. So, let's take an introspective look to discover innovative ways to grow.


Financial Strength

Cash flow can be one of the greatest challenges for a small business, but half of the battle can be won by simply KNOWING your NUMBERS!  So many businesses still operate with the shoebox accounting method.  You only know your numbers after your tax professional has whipped them together, but how does that help you throughout the year so that you can make better-informed business decisions?  We both know the answer to that rhetorical question.  So, let's change the narrative and become intentional about knowing your numbers and presenting your business to bankers, potential investors, and business you mean business!

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