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Catherine is a Financial Strategist with over 35 years of accounting, auditing, consulting, training, and public speaking experience. As a graduate of the University of Denver, Catherine received her BSAcc (Accounting) Undergraduate Degree and worked in corporate America for Ernst & Whinney, Arthur Young, American Television & Communication (ATC), and Martin Marietta prior to becoming an entrepreneur.

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Mama Mae is a power-packed novel of love, forgiveness, self-realization, and purpose.  It is a journey for those who desire to embrace the power of love and forgiveness when a person does “their best” but it isn’t “the best.”

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The IMPACT - Keys to Amplifying Your Author Journey eBook is here!  Join myself, Precious S. Brown, the presenter of this collective publication, and five other wonderful sisters as we tell our Author Journey stories.

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"As an editor, I have read plenty of literature — both academic and non-academic — but none quite like Mama Mae. This piece left me on the edge of my seat, wanting more at the end of each chapter. Through an autobiographical account, Mama Mae teaches a hard lesson of love and forgiveness that is sure to penetrate the hearts of every reader"


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