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Some Things Just Take Time - Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Many times we are given great inspiration as we answer our vocational calling. I recently began reading a book entitled, " The Purpose Path" by Nicholas Pearce, and it has some powerful messages about doing what we were called to do. From a child, I was given the passion to teach. That teaching passion was not a call to become a traditional educator working with children in a classroom setting, but rather a call to teach lessons about practical matters. Once I would figure out how to do something or learn about how to convey a message more concisely, I was off to the races to share my 2 cents worth. Fast forward into my adulthood where it was commonplace for me to tutor accounting while in college even though I was still learning myself. But as mentioned before, once I "cracked the code", I could break things down in clear-concise terms that even a child could understand. And then, once I was born again, the Lord gifted me to teach and began to blow my mind with this newfound wisdom, which was so much better than just being smart.

No longer could I take credit for being smart or talented, but I realized that the gift to teach was wrapped up in the anointing of God. I am anointed to teach, train, inspire, encourage, and motivate people. I don't do anything based upon the latest trend or the newest philosophical term; I do what I do "Hot Off the Press" as the Lord himself teaches and inspires me. This passion is so strong that it seeped over into my professional life, and as The Purpose Path reveals, it was always supposed to be that way. In chapter 2 where Mr. Pearce discusses "Who Am I?", here is a life-changing quote that reads, "There's a lightbulb moment, so to speak - not in terms of knowledge, but in the confirmation of knowledge that was already in you but was perhaps unconsciously hidden to you." That statement aligns with the title of this article, which simply states that "Some Things Just Take Time".

It takes time for this knowledge to surface enough to cause revelation of purpose. It takes time, even when the knowledge has been revealed, to walk confidently in your purpose. It takes time to birth the knowledge even when you know it is there, and it takes time to bring the knowledge and all of its amazing impact into fruition. Along my path, I've felt as though sometimes I've gotten stuck or seemingly took too long to act upon the gifts. But in reality, my delays were actually God's divine delays to prepare me both naturally and spiritually to move forward without fear. It took me a lot of time to move forward without worrying about what people would think. And of course, what I thought people would think was always something negative. Lord help us today! But in the fullness of God's time, He revealed to me that I had no control of thought (duh) so my job wasn't to focus on what people think, but to focus on the knowledge and wisdom He had given me so that He alone could be glorified. Yes, it has taken some time to understand these mysteries, but since I'm thankfully still on this side of heaven, I will move at God's pace and touch the lives I was intended to touch. A life dedicated to bless others is the life I purpose to live. When each one of us reaches someone, we can positively change the world even though it just may take some time.

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