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Hot Off The Press Inspirational Thought - Thursday, September 10, 2020

Let the Son Shine In

Light is a beautiful thing. It makes the darkness flee and positively affects our mood and outlook. We all know that on a sunshiny day, everybody wants to go out and play and just soak up the rays while enjoying life the best we can. So on this one particular morning as I was just starting my day, I looked through the curtains and noticed the intricate details formed by the light shining through the the blinds and the curtains. Under normal circumstances, I would have been in such a rush that I would have missed the beauty of the light. But, because most of us are learning how to be still, I was able to make some beautify observations.

First of all, the accountant in me began to count the little light patterns. I noticed up to 15 different rectangles or squares on the right side of the curtain. Then I noticed that they changed shapes as I counted downward. I then noticed the swirls of light on the left side and the circular patterns orbiting in mid air (or should I say mid-curtain). As I looked closer, I could see letters, greater than signs, and so much more. If you look closely, you too will see so much beauty from the light too.

And finally, on the right side, I paused to see the circular more intense light with the rays shining through that made me think of the very reason I could see everything I had just noticed. It was all because of the sun. And on a spiritual note, it is all because of the Son of God, Jesus to be exact, that I have hope in this present world. Because He is the Light of the World, I can keep looking and reflecting on His goodness even in the midst of all the darkness and challenges we are are facing today. Yes, it is God's light that makes me smile, even on a cloudy day, and I'm so thankful that on this particular morning, I paused to bask in the light of His goodness and mercy toward me. Enjoy each day, for they are surely numbered. Walk in the light. Be the light. Acknowledge that His burdens are light. And continue to let the Son shine in your lives, for after all, we have been called into His marvelous light!

Live to Be A Blessing!


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I absolutely love this. Basking in God’s presence is the best part of the day! His light is warm and comforting. So thankful for moments like this that cause us to pause and reflect.

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